Capsule Hotel, Hiroshima, screenshot, 2019

88 House Hiroshima, Entrance, 2019

Ryokan, Tokio, screenshot 2019

Chapter Three, Exhibition View, 2019

Capsule Hotel, Tokio, screenshot 2019

88 House Hiroshima, Exhibition View, 2019

88 House Hiroshima, Exhibition View, 2019

„The Ma – derived from the japanese Word for „house“- is an ancient term which covers both the philosophical and practical meaning of space and time. It is an abstract, enigmatic, nearly religious idea, which somehow evades precise definition and which rather diversifies into a whole spectrum of different definitions. (…)“
du, Die Kunstzeitschrift, 11/1979

>>MANIFESTO in Japanese Language

CHAPTER THREE develops in hotel rooms in Japan, Tokio and Hiroshima. ROOMS TO LET questions constructions of places, barriers, territories, imaginations of space. Where does personal territorry begin, how is the space of the Other defined? How do rules und social conventions replace real borders und walls? How do they create und build new spaces/thinktanks? Charakteristic japanese Forms of space offer –not only in architecture and philosophy – offer for Poehling and Lüdinghausen new possibilities to approach. As the honeycombformed capsule-hotels, where the need for an own space is reduced to a minimum or the traditional Ryokan, where „place“ is also built on an non-architectonic level, through rituals and rules. In Japan the essential questions of ROOMS TO LET are considered under new points of view.

The sculptural process begins a long time before the arrival in the hotel. Poehling and Lüdinghausen approach to Hiroshima first notionally, as a historic, political place, but also as a place of imaginations, clichés, stories. By the research themes and questions arise as concepts for works. Archive material and finished pieces are looked at in this new context. As in the previous Chapters Poehling and Lüdinghausen will live a certain time in their hotel room. They will work there and develop an interwoven site specific, ephemerial Installation.
Besides the intervention in the hotel room they work together with japanese artists (Azusa Sumioka, and Mai Kiyooka) and collaborate with institutions as the Hiroshima City University and the municipality of Hiroshima.
In this case the concept of ROOMS TO LET – to take back the results of each chapter and link them to the originate production location – is accompanied by the townpartnership of Hiroshima and Hanover. ROOMS TO LET will add a new string to this relation, woven of perceptions of the space, personal histories, artists archives, found objects, clichés and actualities.